Fazer brings prosperity to the company and to society.


  • Secure profitable business and growth
  • Manage issues which affect Fazer's reputation 
  • Follow Fazer's ethical principles in all businesses 
  • Secure and increase brand value 
  • Bring added value to stakeholders 

Achievements in 2015 

  • Fazer's reputation on an excellent or strong level in Finland, Sweden and Russia (Reputation Institute's RepTrak score) 
  • Economic Value Added was 641 M€ 
  • Return on Equity was 4.9 per cent, a 39.2 per cent increase from 2014 
  • Paid 42 M€ in taxes 
  • Provided employment to almost 15,000 people 
  • Approved a new Human Rights Policy 

The way forward 

  • Further increase transparency in terms of Fazer’s value chain, corporate responsibility activities, challenges and future plans 
  • Aim for resource efficiency, cost savings and finding new opportunities via circular economy thinking 
  • Continue existing process of issue and risk management, securing brand value, integrating corporate responsibility into daily business and looking for new business opportunities 
  • Conduct a human rights impact assessment in 2016 to find out the company’s adverse impacts and to define appropriate mitigation actions

Link:  Corporate responsibility PDF, page 12