Fazer Cafés is the company’s premium café chain in Finland. These cafés serve as a platform for the Group’s offering, and focus on providing a first-class consumer experience. With its modern café concept, Fazer takes pride in inspiring guests with the same high quality products and excellent service in every location. High consumer satisfaction is the long-established foundation of Fazer’s café business.

Fazer Cafés enjoyed a strong year in 2015, despite adverse market conditions and reduced consumer spending power. The business unit achieved its targets both in terms of new locations opened and profitable growth gained. 

Building on its core strength of consumer dialogue, Fazer Cafés is focused on growth and further openings. Driving this growth will be redoubled marketing efforts and a continuing emphasis on service. 

Service is a key differentiator at Fazer Café's locations, and with this in mind, training progressed in 2015 by developing an entrepreneurial spirit in managerial staff, and inspiring personnel to excel through the ‘Smile Host’ programme. 

These efforts are well underway and customer feedback has already highlighted positive development. 

The café concept is strengthened 

The Fazer Cafés concept is aligned with the extensive Group- wide Fazer brand strategy work completed during 2015, and functions very much as a showcase – the most tangible consumer touch point for the entire Fazer brand. 

The year saw the launch of two new Fazer Cafés locations, bringing Fazer’s taste sensations and café concept to the cities of Turku and Tampere in Finland. All aspects of these launches were undertaken efficiently with good results. 

The concept’s portability was also emphasised by Fazer’s presence at Pori’s SuomiAreena during the summer, which took the form of a pop-up establishment boasting the entire café offering. 

Digitalisation and consumer dialogue 

Consumer dialogue remains of great importance to Fazer Cafés, as evidenced by two very effective digital platforms, both important to its activities. The business unit’s marketing and retention efforts are bolstered by the MyFazer mobile platform, while feedback on performance is gathered and analysed at its locations using tablet interfaces. 

“We are enjoying success in Fazer Cafés,” explains Ulrika Romantschuk, Senior vice President, Communications & Branding and responsible for the Fazer Cafés business. “This is the result of a strong concept and the lessons learned in its implementation. The next phase in our development is growth and differentiation through great service.”