Fazer Food Services offers comprehensive meal solutions for business and industry, as well as the education, welfare, healthcare and defence sectors. Fazer is a leading meal solution provider in the Nordics, operating nearly 1,200 restaurants in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, with approximately 6,000 employees.

Fazer Food Services continues to enjoy a strong position through respected brands including AmicaWilbergwip, and Fazer. In 2015, Fazer Food Services came close to its targets for the year. Profitability improved from that of 2014 as a result of the business area’s continued focus on high quality operations and its careful management of raw material and personnel costs. The year’s most significant challenges included catering to increasingly demanding customer expectations, whilst simultaneously adapting to constant price pressure and strong competition. 

Fazer Food Services operates in a very dynamic, competitive and changing market and will continue to take a clear leadership role in the business and industry sector, as well as spearheading innovations to capture the new wave of opportunities. 

Strategic actions in focus 

Due to the gradual changes in society, traditional contract catering for business and industry has been declining in the Nordic markets in recent years. While constantly renewing its offering in this sector, Fazer Food Services has added focus on growing in the public sector and, increasingly, on serving smaller and mid-sized companies. 

To give an example of this shift, Fazer piloted a new business park solution named All-Day-Food Market during 2015. Its successful implementation will lead to a further roll-out of Fazer Food Services' presence in business parks in Finland and Sweden – key locations in respect of current industry trends – throughout 2016. 

Another new concept is the Nordic Balance Café, a café offering to complement Fazer Food Services' meal-serving locations, successfully launched in Finland. 

The business area’s activities within the public sector are also noteworthy. The entry into the Swedish health care market was successful, with implementation of what can be termed the next generation of hospital food service in hospitals in Malmö and lund. Further innovations expanding the offering include benchmark cases in the provision of children’s food, food for those in elderly care and for those in hospital. 

Strong development in this market is expected to continue throughout 2016. Seniori Ateria, a business that provides food services for senior citizens in private and elderly care homes, was acquired in the end of 2015 in Finland. In Norway, Fazer Food Services continued its successful work with real estate partnerships and developing innovative tailor-made solutions. 

Improving operations 

Fazer Food Services has initiated a full commercial overhaul with the intention of increasing customer retention and strengthening sales efforts. The business area’s online presence and methods of communication with both current and prospective customers have already been enhanced. Going forward, digital solutions will improve the guest experience in its restaurants as well as efficiency in its kitchens. 

Another operational success story of note, related to personnel, was the summer management efficiency programme, first implemented in 2014 and continued in 2015. The reduction in personnel activity and menu adaptation during the quieter summer months proved successful, and will be further fine-tuned for summer 2016. 

Fazer Food Services is present at diverse locations with a variety of operational needs and challenges, each of which may benefit from the best practices most relevant to them. To spread organisational learnings to where they are of the most use, continued effort is currently being placed on the implementation of three operating models. This is a new, systematic means of providing an operative blueprint for a new site, based on similar establishments already in operation and performing well. Development and implementation of these models will continue in 2016. 

Sustainability, gastronomy, health and safety  

During the year, greater emphasis was placed upon the measuring of waste and upon steps to reduce waste across all four of the countries in which Fazer Food Services operates. The business area also furthered its Green Buffet concept, an approach to food portions with a larger share of vegetables compared to meat. Planning related to this initiative continued, with a view to spreading its principles more widely in the offering. 

With regards to raw materials management and maintaining responsible sourcing partners, Fazer Food Services is increasingly stringent in its procurement principles. This function – driven by grassroots-level commitment within the organisation in addition to customer demand – works to source organic and locally sourced raw materials, taking into account animal welfare and the stipulations of the World Wildlife Fund. Fazer will continue to work towards enhanced sustainability and greater transparency in this area throughout 2016. 

Safety also continues to be a priority area for Fazer Food Services. A reduction in workplace accidents during 2016 is a high priority for this business, as elsewhere in the Group. 

The Swedish Fazer Culinary team won the Community Catering class of the 2014 Culinary World Cup and in 2016, Fazer Culinary Teams from both Finland and Sweden will compete in the Olympiade der Köche in Erfurt, Germany. Known as the ‘Food Olympics’, it is a prime example of Fazer Food Services showcasing its expertise in food excellence. 

“Food has never been more important than it is today”, says Andreas Berggren, Managing Director of Fazer Food Services. “In this fast-paced world, we are starting to care even more about what we consume. We believe that we can have a positive impact on the well-being of our guests, by serving half a million great-tasting, healthy meals every day.”