A balance of healthy nutrition and moments of indulgence.


  • Develop responsible offering
  • Transparently communicate with consumers and other stakeholders about topics related to health and well-being
  • Participate in studies on food, health and sustainability

Achievements in 2016

  • Published Fazer’s approach to a balanced diet
  • Launched the Fazer Brainhow research programme to examine the connection between nutrition and cognitive ability
  • Published long-term research and launched the innovative low-FODMAP rye bread
  • Created Nudging Handbook to help restaurants increase the share of vegetables
  • Introduced new bread products and the Baked Health thumb symbol, denoting benefits to well-being, to respond to the health trend
  • Piloted and developed further the Lasten Liike exercise initiative for school children

2017 and onwards

  • Continue to expand Fazer’s offering with products that support well-being
  • Continue working with increasing vegetable use during 2017 with several actions
  • Participate in addressing and mitigating obesity and salt and sugar consumption
  • Continue to engage in stakeholder dialogue and research cooperation in health-related topics
  • Implement Fazer’s approach to a balanced diet and portion control in everyday work


Corporate Responsibility Review PDF