Fazer’s business is based on the responsible use of natural resources.


  • Reduce climate impact and increase energy efficiency
  • Prevent waste and loss of raw materials
  • Manage and use water resources responsibly
  • Support sustainable farming and prevent loss of biodiversity
  • Raise environmental awareness

Achievements in 2016

  • Energy mappings carried out in operating countries within the EU
  • Energy use decreased by 4 per cent per produced tonne
  • Share of renewable electricity increased to 86 per cent
  • Waste reduction targets adopted for Fazer Bakery and Fazer Confectionery
  • Fazer Grain Vision – Development of Fazer’s Sustainable Grain Farming Principles
  • Development of Zero Deforestation Commitment; identification of raw materials that may cause deforestation
  • Fazer Food Services Sweden certified to new requirements in updated ISO 14001
  • New sites certified to ISO 14001 and to Miljøfyrtårn

2017 and onwards

  • Move forward with the Zero Deforestation Commitment
  • Continue progress on the Fazer Grain Vision
  • Continue to work to raise awareness of environmentally sustainable food production
  • Evaluation of water issues in production and the value chain, and development of a Water Plan
  • Continue efforts to improve energy efficiency at Fazer sites


Corporate Responsibility Review PDF