Fazer takes great pride in its committed and skilled people.


  • To have talented, motivated and healthy people, and lead them in an inspiring manner
  • Respect all employees and offer them an equal working community through meaningful work and a safe working environment
  • Further develop a diversified working community

Achievements in 2016

  • Increased understanding of diversity and provided training possibilities through the 125 Opportunities for Working Life initiative
  • Launched a Safety Engineering Programme in Fazer Bakery
  • Launched a mentoring programme
  • Renewed Fazer Academy
  • Increased internal job rotation
  • Agreed on group-level Flexible Ways of Working Instruction
  • Implemented local action plans according to the People Power survey results: focus on development areas
  • Local action plans resulting in significant decrease of sick leaves in Finland

2017 and onwards

  • Continue to integrate the High Performance Culture and Fazer Behaviours into everyday work
  • Enhance safety work to achieve zero accidents
  • Further develop the job rotation process
  • Continue to work with diversity
  • Develop an extended talent ecosystem
  • Finalise Fazer’s HR vision 2022


Corporate Responsibility Review PDF