Fazer creates prosperity for the company, stakeholders and the society.


  • Secure profitable business and growth
  • Identify new business opportunities and savings potential via corporate responsibility
  • Manage issues which affect Fazer's reputation
  • Follow Fazer's ethical principles in all businesses
  • Secure and increase brand value
  • Bring added value to stakeholders

Achievements in 2016 

  • Human Rights Impact Assessments carried out in the Group and Fazer Confectionery
  • Two recognitions for corporate responsibility work in Russia
  • Third place in Finland’s Reputation and Trust survey; positive development of reputation in Sweden and Russia
  • Economic Value Added was 634 M€
  • Return on equity was 7.6 per cent, a 57.2 per cent increase from 2015
  • Paid 43 M€ in taxes and 115 M€ in employer's contributions; collected 156 M€ of VAT, payroll and other taxes
  • Active stakeholder dialogue

2017 and onwards

  • Securing the long term continuity of the business
  • Understanding the global risks and mitigating their impacts by acting in a sustainable manner
  • Continuing active stakeholder dialogue
  • Identifying new business opportunities that support sustainable development
  • Continuing the work with Human Rights: development of the grievance and remediation processes
  • Identifying cost saving possibilities via corporate responsibility work
  • Deepening the understanding on the UN SDGs and Fazer’s contribution in realisation of the goals

Corporate Responsibility Review PDF