Fazer Food Services serves delicious, nutritionally balanced meals to hundreds of thousands of people in personnel and student restaurants, kindergartens, hospitals, elderly homes, schools, defence facilities and in business parks. Fazer Food Services’ vision is to exceed expectations by making a difference every day. In the highly competitive but attractive Nordic food service market, Fazer is the leader and sees opportunities for further growth.

Fazer Food Services continued its profitable growth in 2016. Fazer was able to retain important customers while winning a number of new contracts, securing top line growth in key sectors. Operational performance improved in Finland, Sweden and Norway, and Denmark reached its highest net sales in history. Development of sales capabilities through a sales excellence programme and strengthened resources also contributed to increasing net sales. Continued development of Fazer’s high-quality solutions and offering, supported with  a strong focus on proactive sales and account management, provides a basis for further growth.

Achievements in all clusters

Fazer continued to focus on specific sectors within three clusters – Business, Concession and Public – in order to   drive customer and guest orientation. This strengthens sector-specific competence and supports growth, based on the specific needs within each sector in each country. In the Business cluster, Fazer was chosen to provide restaurant and café services for many important new clients, including the Swedish Parliament, Norway’s largest life insurance company KLP in Oslo and the international retail company Bestseller in Jutland, Denmark.

In the Concession cluster, the company developed its “All- Day-Food Market” concept to serve the needs of working people with variable schedules, launching a new service brand called Tastory. Tastory offers excellent food and service in a modern and personal way, during all hours of the workday.  Its innovative recipes are based on pure, high-quality ingredients. Two new Tastory restaurants were opened in Stockholm, one of them in Kista Business Park. Fazer also strengthened its position in the university sector in Denmark by opening two new restaurants at the Danish Technical University in Copenhagen. In addition, Fazer continued its good partnership and cooperation with the Messukeskus fair centre in Helsinki.

Fazer continued to execute its growth strategy in the Public cluster after acquiring the Finnish Seniori Ateria in December 2015. The acquisition has strengthened Fazer’s position in the Finnish senior market, which is expected  to continue its growth in tandem with the ageing of the population. Seniors are one of the groups on whose needs Fazer wants to concentrate in the future. Another victory for the Public cluster was the contract for providing meals to the Swedish Defence. Valued at approximately 1.5 billion Swedish krona, it is Sweden’s biggest meal service contract.

New site informs B2B customers

In the beginning of 2017, Fazer Food Services launched a new website targeting B2B customers – fazerfoodservices.com. As clients are increasingly self-directed in their purchasing process, Fazer created the site to make it easier for them to find the information they need. The new website works as an umbrella site for Fazer Food Services and contains relevant information for customers as well as for people in general who are interested in Fazer Food Services as a company.

Safety in focus

Food safety is at the very core of Fazer’s operations, as the company always has its guests' welfare at heart. Occupational safety is equally important, because Fazer cares about its people. During 2016, Fazer further increased its focus on workplace safety. Fazer’s goal is zero accidents in its restaurants. In 2016, Fazer implemented a number of activities, including safety trainings, safety reviews in restaurants and the adoption of safe working shoes and protective gloves in all restaurants.

Olympic Gold for Fazer Culinary Teams

Fazer Culinary Team Finland made history in 2016 by taking gold in the catering series of the 2016 Culinary Olympics, held in Erfurt, Germany in October. The team participated in the esteemed competition for the first time and was the first Finnish team to take part in the catering category. Fazer’s cuisine wizards created a lunch for 150 people, featuring Finnish ingredients and tastes. Fazer Culinary Team Sweden, which was defending its gold medal from 2012, gave an excellent performance as well and took home a gold of its own, ending in second place behind the Finnish team in the final evaluation.

More vegetarian dishes and less food waste

Fazer Food Services believes in making a difference with food, and wants to help consumers live the responsible lifestyle that they have chosen. Increasing the share of vegetables and reducing the amount of meat is an important sustainability goal with regard to both consumers’ well-being and the environment. During 2016, Fazer Food Services continued the More Greens initiative with several activities. Training material was developed to enable full implementation in all restaurants and training was offered for chefs in all Fazer countries. The More Greens campaign was conducted in Fazer Food Services’ restaurants.

The number of delicious vegetarian recipes was increased in the menu database and new vegan options were developed as well.

Based on experiences from earlier nudging pilots in Sweden and Finland, Fazer created a nudging handbook in 2016 to guide restaurant managers in inspiring guests to make good choices. Nudging can be described as a systematic and friendly way to “push” guests in the right direction and a way to enable them to make better choices. With nudging, the display and presentation of the food is in focus.

Fazer Food Services also strives to reduce food waste – in kitchens as well as on the plates. Measures such as plate size adjustment, portioning and external campaigns are applied to minimise waste production. The goal for 2016 was to reduce kitchen waste by 5 grams per portion. Fazer’s efforts were successful and the goal was exceeded. Kitchen waste was reduced with 6.8 grams per portion, in total around 680 tonnes of food waste. In addition, various activities in the restaurants were conducted to decrease guest waste, also with positive results.

“Fazer Food Services continued on its path of profitable growth, entering new markets and developing its offering. We are the leading food service provider on the Nordic market, driving innovation as the market requires new capabilities and solutions. Being a leader also means great responsibility, and we see it as an integral part of our work to provide high-quality food that is not only tasty, but nutritious, healthy and sustainably produced as well,” says Andreas Berggren, Managing Director of Fazer Food Services.