Fazer serves 450,000 meals per day in the Nordics and produces 72 million kilos of bread per year in Finland alone. By maintaining consumers’ trust in the company, its products and services, Fazer secures its continued existence and growth.

Increasing digitisation and the rapid flow of information are transforming the way people communicate and consume. This presents companies with challenges as well as opportunities. Fazer actively engages its stakeholders in dialogue on the responsibility issues that are relevant to them.

Fazer seeks to take changing consumer demands into account while at the same time looking ahead and identifying the most important trends that will shape the future. Food production is a relevant topic from the responsibility point of view. Many consumers want to know where the ingredients and raw materials in their food come from, necessitating traceability and transparency in companies’ operations and value chains.

The scarcity of raw materials and other resources as well as the effects of climate change have brought about the need for better resource intelligence in the food and service industries in particular. In addition, large quantities of food are thrown away globally. This means that vast amounts of raw materials, water and energy used in production are wasted and greenhouse gas emissions are also generated unnecessarily.

As a food manufacturer that uses a wide variety of raw materials, Fazer believes it can make a positive impact by utilising raw materials, energy and other resources as efficiently as possible and reducing the amount of waste it generates in manufacturing processes.

Future-proof products

According to Fazer’s Corporate Responsibility vision, its aim is to provide consumers with future-proof products and services that enable their responsible lifestyles today as well as in the future. Fazer is committed to earning customers’ confidence every day. To do this the Group must constantly focus on the different aspects of responsibility in developing its offering.

An awareness and understanding of consumer and market trends will aid Fazer in meeting sustainability challenges successfully. Furthermore, by continuing to manage its strong reputation the Group can grow its trust capital, an invaluable asset as Fazer continues to expand as a successful and highly valued international company.

Strategic approach to corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility (CR) is an inseparable part of the Fazer brand and corporate identity. It is a key aspect of the Group’s corporate culture and plays a significant role in Fazer’s business. The Fazer Group is committed to operating in a responsible manner. To fulfil this duty it takes a strategic approach to corporate responsibility, managing it actively as a part of daily work. The Group’s management strongly believe that responsibility builds trust capital, adds value and has a possibility to create competitive advantage. Corporate responsibility also creates benefits via resource intelligence.

In addition to adhering to laws, all of the Fazer Group’s activities are guided by its values, ethical principles, corporate responsibility and environmental policies, management practices and operating principles. In addition, the Group signed the UN Global Compact in 2012. As a signatory of the Compact, Fazer Group is committed to the implementation, disclosure and promotion of its ten universal principles.

Fazer’s own ethical principles regarding human rights, working conditions, environmental protection and anti-corruption measures are based on the Compact. They guide Fazer’s employees in treating customers, cooperation partners and work colleagues in an equal and fair manner.

Fazer’s Corporate Responsibility Programme consists of six focus areas that are relevant to its operations. Detailed goals and objectives are set for each area and achievements are reviewed on a regular basis. Fazer constantly develops its Corporate Responsibility Programme.