Fazer actively engages in dialogue with stakeholders to understand their expectations and develop fruitful long-term partnerships.

Fazer’s key stakeholders include shareholders, personnel, customers, consumers, suppliers of products and services, authorities and decision makers, various organisations and media. Focus areas with key stakeholders in 2013 are outlined in different sections of this report.

“Fazer values the views of its stakeholders, which form a basis for the development of the Group’s operations” says Ulrika Romantschuk, Senior Vice President, Communications & Branding. She adds that social media and other digital channels present Fazer with opportunities to exchange ideas and develop and manage its stakeholder relationships.

Fazer’s commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG)

In April 2013, Fazer announced its commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group, a non-profit foundation that gathers organisations to take action to save the Baltic Sea. Fazer’s commitment to BSAG concerns four areas: Fazer’s energy strategy goals; a vision for responsible grain procurement in Fazer’s bakery business; a responsibility programme for Fazer Mill & Mixes, and developing the food service offering to account for environmental factors.

Sponsorship as a means for concrete action

Fazer’s long tradition of sponsorship is motivated by a desire to contribute as a responsible member of society through concrete actions. In 2013, Fazer continued its support of Biéby, a cocoa-producing community in the Ivory Coast. Together with the World Cocoa Foundation and the Empowering Cocoa Households with Opportunities and Educational Solutions programme, Fazer built the village’s first secondary school, which also provides young people with professional training in cocoa cultivation to improve their incomes, skills and understanding of sustainable production.

Other ongoing sponsoring and partnership projects include the following:

  • A 40-year partnership with SOS Children’s Villages, which create safe family environments for children and youth.
  • The Pink Ribbon Fund for breast cancer research and the well-being of cancer patients and their families.
  • The Responsible Summer Job 2013 campaign with the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation (FCYF). 
  • A two-year cooperation with WWF Finland to promote responsible fish and seafood sourcing in 2012-2013.
  • The AMUR programme, which provides aid for Siberian tigers and Amur leopards living in the border area between Russia and China. 
  • Women’s Bank, a voluntary community that supports projects concerning the rights, education and economic well-being of women in developing countries.
  • Friends, a Swedish non-profit organisation dedicated to preventing bullying among children and the youth.

Collaboration with universities and institutes

In 2013 Fazer Group Research continued to work with external partners on several R&D initiatives. Examples are a study of the health effects of Fazer dark chocolate with Helsinki University, and cooperation with the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) to define quality criteria for carbohydrate-rich food.