A stronger sales function at the end of 2012 provided good momentum for growth and profitability in 2013.

Fazer Food Services Denmark operates 160 restaurants on site, without deliveries or central kitchens. The organisation considers the wide scope of local competences among its chefs as a competitive advantage, along with the systematic sharing of best practices.

Fazer Food Services Denmark had a highly positive year in terms of growth and profitability, gaining a 9 per cent increase in net sales as compared to the previous year. The organisation signed contracts with Copenhagen University and UN City, the compound that houses several UN agencies including UNICEF and WHO. Other highlights for the year included the selection of Fazer’s restaurant at SAP Copenhagen as the best SAP personnel restaurant in the EMEA countries for the second year in a row.

In addition, the web and mobile shop takeaway business grew by 30 per cent due partly to an increased focus on communication, marketing and guest service. At restaurants, guest survey results were higher than ever and customer satisfaction rate of more than 80 per cent in both Amica and wip restaurants.

“Fazer Food Services Denmark performed very well in 2013 and deserves credit for the hard work behind these results. Their accomplishments are the fruit of several years of systematic effort and consistent strategy,” says Andreas Berggren, Managing Director of Fazer Food Services.

Fazer in Denmark is a forerunner in the region in increasing the proportion of organic food on guests’ plates. The organisation’s success in boosting the share of vegetables in its meals is advantageous from both the health and environmental standpoints.

Emphasis was placed on reducing waste through food portioning, improving the visual setup of buffets, and further improving overall sustainability during the year. Customers’ demands for better cost savings and greater transparency have required Fazer Food Services Denmark to develop its business through leaner operations as a means to maintain profitability.