Fazer maintained its solid status in the Estonian market despite intense competition in 2013.

Fazer is active in Estonia’s bakery and confectionery markets. The Group has a bakery located in Tallinn, operates at ten bake-off points, and supplies frozen bakery products to the country’s major retail chains. Fazer’s main confectionery brands in Estonia are Karl Fazer, Geisha, Tutti Frutti, Marianne, Kismet and Fazer Angry Birds. A study about producer’s brands in the market confirms that the Fazer brand has the second best quality image for the second straight year.

“Fazer has developed a well-established brand in Estonia, particularly in the Tallinn area,” says Christoph Vitzthum, President and CEO of the Fazer Group. He emphasises the importance of further leveraging on Fazer’s strong brands in the market.

In bakery, the company operates under the Fazer umbrella brand, and has developed popular and beloved family brands such as Fazer Kodusai, Fazer Must Leib and Fazer Fresh. The strength of Fazer in the Estonian market is closely attributed to its reputation for introducing modern concepts and superior tastes. The task of consistently offering new taste sensations to the market is a challenge as well as an opportunity for the company.

During the year 2013, the bakery business launched popular products from other markets into Estonia. These included Fazer Terane, which is known as Fazer Puikula in Finland, Fazer REAL and Fazer Fresh. In addition to being welcomed by consumers, the new products strengthened Fazer’s position in the growing value added segment, while also developing its image as an innovative and modern premium bakery.
Fazer currently ranks third in the Estonian bread market and has strong positions in the value added segment as well as in buns and portion bread. With its advantages of exceptional taste and high quality, Fazer plans to focus on the premium segment in the developing frozen and bake-off categories.

Fazer maintained its number two position in Estonia’s highly competitive confectionery market in 2013. The company has an 11 per cent share of the chocolate market, with an especially strong status in the tablets segment where it has gained an over 15 per cent share. During the year, sales of Fazer tablets grew at the same rate as the gifting segment, which was the fastest growing chocolate sub-segment in 2013.

The launch of Fazer brands in the new biscuit category had a good reception from Estonian consumers. It also raised the visibility of Fazer products in shops during the year.