The integration of Fazer Food Services Norway and Skandinavisk Mat Invest (SMI) progresses in 2014 under the leadership of a new management team.

Fazer Food Services Norway is known as the premium contract caterer in the country, serving business and industry sector restaurants. The organisation has become known for its environmental and quality focus, hands-on operation managers and a positive working atmosphere. After the acquisition of SMI, Fazer has become one of the leading contract caterers in Norway.

In 2013, Fazer Food Services Norway focused on becoming the country’s number one quality food service operator and strove to maintain its status as the most attractive employer in the sector. Although major contracts with significant volumes were lost in early 2013, the organisation rebounded through proactive and systematic sales activities and opened new restaurants during the year. Organisational functions were developed through changes in management and long-term planning.

One notable challenge in Norway is the difficulty of recruiting qualified chefs. The unemployment rate in Norway hovers between 3 and 4 per cent, resulting in a labour market situation where employers need to compete to attract good employees.

“Despite the new situation in the organisation during the year, Fazer performed impressively in Norway in 2013. This is proof of a strong spirit,” says Andreas Berggren, Managing Director of Fazer Food Services.

The acquisition of SMI has raised Fazer Food Services Norway to a number three position in terms of market share in the business and industry sector. SMI’s subsidiaries, namely, Wilberg, Maestro F&B and Holmedals Kantineservice, have decades of combined experience in offering customer and quality-focused, premium food service in the Norwegian market. In addition, they had existing catering contracts in Bergen and Stavanger, Norway’s second and third most populous cities respectively. The integration provides Fazer with the capacity to expand into new geographical areas in Norway and develop its business model.