To many consumers, Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate, wrapped in its trademark blue, is the truest reflection of the Fazer brand. Introduced in 1922, its relationship with consumers has only grown fonder with the passing decades.

Today the Fazer house of brands continues to develop, offering an ever-expanding array of unique, authentic and high quality products and services. Branding is a strategic cornerstone for Fazer, and gives the company a sustainable advantage. Each of the brands within the house has a unique position and a clear role in realising the company’s growth ambitions. A special emphasis is placed on developing leading brands, such as Fazer, Karl Fazer, Geisha, Tutti Frutti, Amica, Dumle, Hlebny Dom and Skogaholm. In addition to the global brands, Fazer uses local brands to broaden its offering in the different markets it serves.

To build value, Fazer leverages its brand assets, enabling them to expand and evolve. A key example is the company’s highly successful introduction of its beloved confectionery products like Geisha, Marianne, Suffeli and Julia in the form of new and delicious biscuits in 2013.

At the heart of innovation, product and service development and communication are the consumers’ needs. Fazer distinguishes itself in the minds of consumers with three vital ingredients that can be discerned throughout the house of brands. These are a passion for creating taste sensations, a commitment to quality excellence, and a rich and enduring heritage.

Creating taste sensations

Throughout its history Fazer has been known for exceptional taste. Creating taste sensations is not only the Group’s mission; it is also its passion, one that drives Fazer’s efforts to be a part of the best moments of your day. Whether that is through a tasty piece of rye bread, a healthy and satisfying lunch, or a delightful piece of chocolate, Fazer develops its products and services to please all the senses and make the world taste good. After all, everyone deserves pleasure in their lives.

Quality excellence

Karl Fazer once said, "We must always exceed our customers’ expectations." This has been the guiding principle ever since and is essential in all of the Group’s activities. Customers and consumers have a high perception of Fazer – one that the Group does its utmost to live up to every day. Fazer seeks to demonstrate high quality not only by providing excellent experiences but also by conducting all of its activities in an ethical and responsible manner. Corporate responsibility is a fundamental part of the Fazer brand.

Enduring heritage

The Fazer Group has its beginnings in the first café Karl Fazer opened in Helsinki in 1891. Since then, it has played a role as a forerunner, shaping food trad­itions and eating habits while acknowledging local and seasonal customs. As a result, what started as a French Russian Café has flourished into an international business. In today’s rapidly changing environment, Fazer engages even more closely with the people who enjoy its products and services as it pursues its vision to be the best choice for the consumer.