In 2018, we introduced a new sustainability approach consisting of three areas: For People, For Planet and For Business. 

For people  

  • Fazer’s 125 Opportunities for Working Life initiative was awarded as the Recruitment Activity of the Year in Finland.  
  • Our lost-time accident frequency dropped by 17% from 2017 and by 46% from 2013.   
  • Fazer Lab organised an internal Fazer Innovation Challenge, in which employee teams created and developed ideas for new products and services. One innovation, artisanal hemp bread, is already on the market.    
  • All our businesses increased their offering of plant-based foods and developed new plant-based products.  
  • Fazer, Nokia and Nightingale Health carried out a research project within the Fazer Brainhow® programme on new tools for people to monitor and control their health. The research focused on understanding the effect of a brain-friendly diet on work productivity, cognitive performance and quality of life. 

For planet  

  • We became the first food industry company to make a Finnish water stewardship commitment.  
  • Fazer made a new five-year commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group. The focus areas of the new commitment are circular economy, sustainable grain farming, a water stewardship plan and the development of Fazer’s offering.  
  • Our energy usage per produced tonne increased slightly to 0.86 MWh/tonne from 0.85 MWh/tonne in 2017. This was mainly due to fewer production tonnes as well as increased cooling and heating needs due to changing weather conditions. The share of the renewable electricity was 88%.   
  • Our total waste amount decreased compared to the previous year, showing positive development, but more efforts towards waste reduction are needed. The recycling percentage decreased from 83% to 76%, and more waste was directed to energy recovery.  97% of the waste was recycled or used for energy production in 2018.      
  • Fazer Food Services continued food waste reduction campaigns in restaurants. We met the reduction targets in Norway and Denmark and saw good progress in Sweden while in Finland we still need to intensify our actions.  
  • Through optimised and more sustainable packaging, we succeeded in reducing the use of plastic. We created Fazer Group’s approach to sustainable packaging and committed to stopping using plastics in disposables by 2020.  
  • We further developed our Grain Vision guidance. We shared knowledge of the vision and initiated a project with pilot farms to measure its impact.  

For business 

  • In 2018, we revised and updated our sustainability approach. Fazer’s ambitious direction towards 2030 consists of four core goals that support reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals through food. The Core goals are: 1) 50% less emissions, 2) 50% less food waste, 3) 100% sustainably sourced and 4) more plant-based.  
  • Our reputation remained on a good level in all main markets, with especially high marks in Russia and Finland. Fazer was ranked as the 3rd most sustainable brand in Finland in the Sustainable Brand Index 2018 and the 4th most reputable company in Finland in T-Media’s Reputation & Trust study 2018.  
  • We continued our commitments concerning responsible sourcing of cocoa, grain, soy, palm oil and fish. 100% of our cocoa was sustainably sourced. We started a new farmer programme under the Fazer for Better Cocoa Programme in Ivory Coast.

Sustainability in Fazer Group's Annual Review 2018 (PDF)