In 2019, Fazer continued its transformation into a modern sustainable food company with a joint direction. We decided to sell Fazer Food Services in order to focus on our development as a fast-moving consumer goods company. We took a more progressive role in the market and innovated inspiring food experiences.

The acquisition of Kaslink, an expert in high-quality oat-based food products, further enhanced Fazer Lifestyle Foods offering of sustainable, plant-based products, supporting the growth of the business area. 

We started our 50-million-euro investment in the construction of a ground-breaking xylitol factory in Lahti, Finland. The new facility will use side streams from oat milling to produce xylitol, and production waste will be used as fuel in a bio-heating plant that will provide energy for Fazer’s entire factory area. 

Our major strategic decision to invest in doubling our oat milling capacity in Lahti, Finland and Lidköping, Sweden takes us closer to our goal of becoming the leading plant-based player in Northern Europe. 

We focused strongly on developing our ‘consumer first’ approach. Answering consumer needs within indulgence to grow and internationalise our confectionery business proved successful. We developed our Northern Magic. Made Real. brand positioning further and implemented it throughout the Group. 

The sale of Fazer Food Services was completed in January 2020. Fazer Food Services is reported as a discontinued operation throughout the Annual Review.