We are in the midst of a strategic transformation into a modern sustainable food company with a joint direction. In 2018 we renewed the Fazer brand positioning and placed the consumer in a central role as part of this transformation. We co-created food innovations both internally and with partners and developed our High Performance Culture.

2018 was the first year of our new strategy period, and we began strategy implementation in all business areas and units. We amplified our consumer-centric approach to form a solid basis for brand and business development. Our renewed Fazer brand positioning, ‘Northern Magic. Made Real.’, ensures that Fazer is meaningfully different in the eyes of the consumer also in the future. It is an ambitious promise that builds on our mission and vision, reflects our heritage and reaches out to the future.

Fazer Group’s net sales were 1,618 M€ in 2018, showing a slight decrease from the previous year. Fazer Bakery reached net sales of 552 M€, Fazer Confectionery of 333 M€, Fazer Food Services of 593 M€, Fazer Lifestyle Foods of 122 M€ and Fazer Retail of 46 M€.

We continued to develop our offering throughout the year and prepare our businesses for future international expansion. Through research and innovation, we created new foods and services that maintain and enhance well-being and support sustainable lifestyles. We created value for our customers, partners, owners, supply chain and society at large while observing sustainable practices in our operations.