Corporate responsibility is an integrated aspect of all Fazer’s activities. While the roles and responsibilities of the corporate responsibility team, network and leadership forum have been clearly defined, the ultimate responsibility lies with the board of directors and Group Management Team.

The management of corporate responsibility is part of normal management, and corporate responsibility issues are addressed as a part of the Group’s and business areas’ strategy processes. The objectives and measures are implemented with the support of the Fazer's management systems.

The Group’s SVP, Communications and Branding is responsible for corporate responsibility as a member of the Group Management team. The Corporate responsibility director and specialists, functioning under the SVP, Communications and Branding, are responsible for planning and developing corporate responsibility in practice.

Corporate responsibility is addressed in the Group’s and business areas’ strategy processes, and the objectives and actions are implemented with the help of the management systems. Business area leaders are responsible for following the practices, instructions and operating models related to corporate responsibility, and for target setting and reaching targets with regard to corporate responsibility in their respective business areas.

Fazer has a corporate responsibility leadership forum, which consists of members of senior management. The role of the forum is to develop corporate responsibility and ensure that corporate responsibility viewpoints are taken into account in the business processes.

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