Fazer‘s restaurants in Finland, Sweden and Denmark follow WWF’s recommendations regarding the use of sustainable fish.

At Fazer, sustainable fish is an important ingredient mainly in meals served by restaurants in the Fazer Food Service business area. Therefore, in order to grand freshness, we mainly use frozen fish and, when possible, also fresh fish. Fish composes approximately 10% of the raw materials used in Fazer Food Services.

We are aware of the problems related to fishing and fish culture and that is why it is important to us that our customers can enjoy their meals knowing that the fish we serve has been sourced responsibly.

As part of Fazer’s extensive responsibility programme, Fazer’s restaurants in Finland, Sweden and Denmark have been following WWF’s recommendations for sustainable fish. 

In our restaurants, we do not use fish or shellfish marked on WWF’s red list. This means we don´t use fish that is from unsustainable and overfished fisheries. In addition to this, we have set country specific targets. For example, in Finland the target has been to double the share of green-listed fish (from the level of 2013), which means that the fish is from well-managed, sustainable stocks that are not overexploited. This target was reached in 2016. In Sweden, the target is to increase the share of certified fish.

In 2016, 78 per cent of fish used in Finland was green-listed and 73 per cent of fish used in Swedish Fazer restaurants was certified.