Fazer Group is committed to operating in a responsible manner. At Fazer, corporate responsibility issues are strategic and manageable, and we always consider corporate responsibility when making decisions related to business development.

Fazer has always worked systematically and built its operations on a sustainable foundation. That is why the long-term thinking and continuous improvement inherent in corporate responsibility go well with our way of working. Corporate responsibility is an important part of Fazer’s corporate culture and has a role to play in all business development. At Fazer, corporate responsibility is a part of our daily work. 

Fazer’s corporate responsibility work is guided by the Corporate Responsibility Policy, the Human Rights Policythe QEHS Policy, governance practice, operating principles as well as the Ethical Principles that are based on the ten international principles of the UN Global Compact. Fazer Group has signed the UN Global Compact initiative.

Corporate responsibility strategy and vision

As a family-owned company, Fazer Group puts a strong focus on long-term development. From Fazer’s perspective, responsible business and growth ensure the company’s continued operations and success over the long term. The Group views corporate responsibility as an important opportunity as it continues to grow as a valued international company. Fazer’s corporate responsibility strategy is strongly linked to its business strategy. It looks forward and sets ambitions concerning the value of Fazer and its operations.

Fazer wants to understand and respond to the trends and stakeholder expectations in its operating environment. We also want to develop the business, products and activities in a responsible way in the entire value chain.

The five strategic areas cover all Fazer’s activities.

Responsible offering for Fazer consists of people’s everyday well-being, the sustainable use of the planet’s resources and the shared value a company creates in society. Fazer contributes by making responsible bakery, confectionery and food choices easy. Our aim is to create responsible taste sensations.

Corporate Responsibility Programme

Fazer’s corporate responsibility vision, strategy and programme are based on a thorough assessment of stakeholder views and on a deep understanding of the evolving demands of consumers as well as the Group’s business strategy. Five strategic areas form the structure of Fazer’s Corporate Responsibility Programme: Running business, For health and well-being, People matter, Fair value chain and Part of the environment. These areas break down into concrete action plans with a focus on the listed themes and topics. The programme also identifies the main KPIs, follow-up processes and communication activities in each key area. The detailed goals and objectives for each area are set and performance is reviewed on a regular basis.