Fazer participates in the fight against climate change and has worked for more sustainable food production for a long time. The company is now taking an important step forward by committing to four sustainability core goals: 50% less emissions, 50% less food waste, 100% sustainably sourced and More plant-based. Fazer sees food as a solution to many environmental and social challenges.

At the core of Fazer’s revised sustainability approach are four interconnected goals. The time frame for the core goals is by 2030.

Goal 1: Reducing emissions by 50%. This is a direct means of providing food with a smaller environmental impact.

Goal 2: Reducing food waste by 50%. Less food waste means fewer emissions while improving the efficiency of the food system at the same time.

Goal 3: 100% sustainably sourced. Sustainable sourcing has long been high on Fazer’s agenda. Fazer contributes by developing further the basic requirements for all suppliers and with specific targets for chosen raw materials such as cocoa and grain.

Goal 4: More plant-based. Increasing the share of plant-based foods reduces the impacts of food production on the environment and supports people’s health. 

“The IPCC report published in 2018 indicated that rapid and far-reaching actions are needed to limit global warming. According to the recent report by the EAT-Lancet Commission, favoring plant-based foods would reduce climate emissions but also improve people’s health. By offering people choices that support their well-being, we are inviting them to participate in solving these challenges together. We see food as a solution,” says Christoph Vitzthum, President and CEO, Fazer Group.

Fazer innovates and invests

It is essential to develop the global food system into a more sustainable direction. This is exactly what Fazer wants to do. The company’s revised sustainability approach takes into account a variety of aspects from food safety and water management to fair value chain and diversity.

The new approach is based on Fazer’s long tradition and commitment to sustainable development. Over the years, the company has carried out a variety of environmental and social initiatives, and sustainability aspects are observed in everyday work across business areas. For instance, Fazer sources 100% sustainable cocoa, only RSPO-certified palm oil and is committed to sustainable grain farming. Fazer has improved energy efficiency through several actions and uses 100% renewable electricity in its operations in Finland and Sweden.

“We, as an international food company, are in a position to take a stand and make a difference. This new sustainability approach is part of a strategic renewal process we are undergoing to become a modern sustainable food company. We are placing the consumer first, and based on deep consumer insight, consumers today expect companies to operate in a sustainable manner. By operating responsibly, we are also ensuring the continuity of our business,” says Vitzthum.

Fazer is working full steam on the four core goals. Fazer is continuously developing new products that support the core goals, for example under the Fazer Yosa brand.  In 2018, the company opened a new pilot restaurant, TestEat, in Helsinki, Finland, in cooperation with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and IBM. Its purpose is to gather data on people’s eating habits and create future food solutions with the help of modern technology.

Innovations and continuous development are integral in sustainable food production. By creating new food solutions that cater to the needs of the consumers in a more environmentally and socially responsible way, Fazer can gently steer consumption towards more sustainable choices. This year, Fazer announced in January that it is investing 40 million euros in a facility in Lahti, Finland, that will produce added value grain products, in which the company is already a forerunner.

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