For more than 60 years consumers have been able to enjoy the beloved Fazer Dumle Lollipop. The production of the lollipop will end in March 2021 as the technical lifespan of the current production line reaches its end.

In March 2021 the production of the classic flat milk chocolate covered Dumle Lollipop will cease. The current production line is old and therefore it has become hard to maintain and repair in the past years. – For us at Fazer quality is central. We have tried to find a solution to continue the production in an efficient and sustainable way but unfortunately that is no longer possible. We have reached the conclusion that no viable alternative to the proposed production line have been identified. The craftmanship as well as the recipe is as unique as the lollipop itself and therefore hard to replace with today’s modern technology, says Anne Repo, Marketing Director, Fazer Confectionery Finland. Fazer is working on a solution to be able to produce a new version of the classic Dumle Lollipop in the future.– We know the lollipop is a beloved product by many consumers and we work hard with our selection of Dumle products. We will continue our efforts to develop and find a way to produce a lollipop again in the future, Anne Repo continues. The first flat lollipop was produced in 1945 Dumle has its roots in Sweden where in 1945 the Mazetti company produced the first flat lollipop which was named Dumle in 1960. Fazer acquired Mazetti in 1975 and Dumle became part of Fazer’s brand portfolio. The brand became significant in the 80’s with the introduction of the now famous twisted Dumle Toffee Caramel produced in the Fazer factory in Finland. Dumle’s uniquely recognizable taste is what the brand is known for. It’s a combination of chewy toffee covered with delicious milk chocolate. The unique taste of Dumle made sure that it quickly became the most popular toffee brand in the Nordics a well-loved icon in home markets as well as internationally. Dumle is sold in over 30 markets worldwide. Pictures: – Public Image Bank – Media_Press – International – Dumle lollipop   For further information please contact: Iris Mäkitalo, Communications Manager, Fazer Sweden, 0735 94 84 54 Malin Lindqvist, Brand Manager, Fazer Confectionary Sweden, 0709 72 27 73 Stein Andersen, Country Director Fazer Lifestyle Foods & Fazer Confectionary Norway Mobile +47 92863085 Maia Schwartz, Press contact, Fazer Denmark Mobile + 45 20 243 786