The MyFazer loyalty programme

“MyFazer” is Fazer Group’s free loyalty programme. The loyalty programme includes a variety of services, member benefits and offers, as well as an opportunity to participate in the development of Fazer’s products and services. The loyalty programme is valid until further notice. Fazer holds the rights to the loyalty programme’s contents and image material. The services and any messages related to the loyalty programme are available in Finnish.

Joining the programme

Joining the loyalty programme is free of charge, and the programme does not bind or obligate its members in any way or form. Any private individual aged at least 16 can join the loyalty programme through Fazer’s online and mobile services. Fazer’s mobile apps are available for download through app stores, and they are subject, in addition to these terms and conditions, to the terms and conditions of the service provider in question. Membership of the loyalty programme is personal.

Personal data and marketing communications

The personal data of the members of Fazer’s loyalty programme is always processed responsibly, in accordance with Fazer’s Privacy Statement.

The processing of data related to the MyFazer loyalty programme is based on the loyalty agreement you have agreed. We ask for your name and contact information to administer the MyFazer loyalty programme. When joining the programme, members are obligated to provide their correct personal data and to ensure that the personal data they have provided is up to date. You can manage your own data under the My information section of the MyFazer service. A member’s email address functions as a user ID in the MyFazer loyalty programme.

In addition, we use cookies to collect data on the online service browsing, purchases, and product and service evaluations of the members of the MyFazer loyalty programme as well as information provided by the members themselves, such as feedback and answers given in different surveys and studies. We may combine the collected data with other customer information and use the data to provide interesting, targeted benefits, services and contents to the members of the MyFazer loyalty programme and for the programme’s analytics, statistics and development.

The MyFazer loyalty programme includes marketing communication, and when you join the programme, you will receive Fazer’s newsletters, benefits and offers via e-mail and possibly by other electronic means, if you so wish. You can manage your message settings in the MyFazer service. The push messages of mobile applications related to the customer loyalty programme can be managed in the relevant application.

We use the services of third parties for the implementation of the loyalty programme, which means your data may be transferred to the United States. You can find further information on the transfer of data to third countries in our Privacy Statement.

Benefits and offers

Members of the MyFazer loyalty programme are provided with various benefits, invitations to events and offers on Fazer’s products and services. The benefits can be one-time benefits or benefits valid for a fixed period.

The benefits granted to loyal customers are available through Fazer’s online and/or mobile services. Information on the benefits is also sent via email and in messages to mobile phones. The benefits can be redeemed either in Fazer’s online and mobile services or in Fazer’s outlets.

Termination of membership of the MyFazer loyalty programme

Fazer has the right to cancel memberships unilaterally and with immediate effect if a member is in significant breach of the terms and conditions of the MyFazer loyalty programme. The notice of termination will be sent to the email address indicated by the member. Following the termination, the member will not be entitled to the benefits and offers of the MyFazer loyalty programme.

You may terminate your MyFazer membership at any time under the My information section of the MyFazer service. Following the termination, your MyFazer credentials will no longer be valid in any services linked to the membership (such as in Fazer Store and the My Gateau app), and you will no longer be entitled to offers available to loyal customers. Nor will you receive any newsletters sent to loyal customers. Please note that merely removing the mobile app from your phone will not terminate your membership of the customer loyalty programme.

Changes to the MyFazer loyalty programme

Fazer’s loyalty programme is developed continuously and supplemented with new benefits and services. Members of the loyalty programme are informed of any new features and changes in Fazer’s online and mobile services. Fazer reserves the right to cancel or interrupt the MyFazer loyalty programme at any time within a reasonable period after issuing a cancellation notice. Fazer reserves the right to unanimously change the terms and conditions of the loyalty programme, nevertheless in a manner that does not significantly impair the position of members. Members can find notices related to any amendments to the programme’s terms and conditions in Fazer’s online services.

Fazer’s liability

Members of the MyFazer loyalty programme release Fazer and any possible partners from any liability for damage caused or claimed to have been caused by participation in the customer loyalty programme.

Fazer is not liable for any information technology-related problems or obstacles independent of the organiser related to participation in the loyalty programme or the receipt of benefits.

The loyalty programme has been established in accordance with Finnish law and, unless otherwise required by mandatory legislation, it is subject to Finnish law.


The customer loyalty programme is provided by and the responsibility of Oy Karl Fazer Ab.

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