With the increasing need to act on climate change and environmental issues such as biodiversity loss, we continue to innovate sustainable solutions that support the well-being of people and the planet. We want to act sustainably throughout the supply chain and minimize the negative environmental impacts of our operations.

Our core goals regarding our environmental responsibility include 50% less emissions and 50% less food waste. Increasing the share of renewable energy sources together with energy efficiency actions are a crucial part of Fazer’s climate change actions. We carry out waste reduction actions across the Group, focusing on preventing food waste and recycling our side streams in order to increase the circular economy activities.

Other essential Fazer sustainability themes include:

We continuously assess water risks in the value chain and engage in collective action to develop sustainable water use. Our packaging has been optimised to reduce the use of plastic and we strive to close the loop of materials by using recyclable packaging and increase the share of recyclable materials. A key part of our quest to support sustainable agriculture is the Fazer Grain Vision. We are committed to maintaining global ecosystems by following the WWF seafood guide as well as with our no deforestation, palm oil, soy and cage-free egg commitments.