Ensuring the continuity of our business is an essential part of our sustainability work. The profitability of our operations is a prerequisite for growth, development, investments and employment. We conduct our business in a fair and transparent way.

Our main Core goal regarding responsible business operations is 100% sustainably sourced. Ensuring the sustainability of our entire value chain, from raw material production to consumers, is highly important to us. We have a continuous dialogue with our suppliers to develop the environmental, social and economic responsibility of our sourcing. We have sustainability requirements for our suppliers and we systematically monitor and audit their operations. We use a risk management tool to identify and evaluate risks related to our raw materials.

Other essential themes concerning sustainable business practices include:

Sustainable, profitable growth allows us to employ and hire personnel and to develop our offering. It also makes it possible for us to carry out projects and programmes, such as our cocoa farmer programmes and scientific research initiatives, that benefit society. We as a Food Experience Company seek to continuously develop our brand value, improve our reputation and reach new consumers and bring them joy and well-being.