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Global food production impacts biodiversity and may cause deforestation. Fazer promotes sustainable farming to prevent the loss of biodiversity.

Biodiversity refers to the many millions of distinct biological species found on earth, resulting from four billion years of evolution. It underpins the planet’s health and directly impacts our lives, providing food security, clean air, and water. Climate change, pollution, improper land use, eutrophication, acidification, deforestation, and overfishing affect biodiversity. 

Fazer’s sustainable sourcing goal is integral to supporting sustainable farming and thereby biodiversity. Fazer collaborates with WWF Finland, as we want to secure and preserve biodiversity. We want to identify better our supply chain’s environmental impacts and support sustainable choices with our products and services.  

Sustainable farming 

Our consumers and customers are increasingly concerned about the sustainability of food production and where the ingredients and raw materials originate. Fazer acknowledges the challenges posed by environmental and social issues in our supply chain. Fazer Group Procurement work to make our value chain traceable and raise its responsibility in sourcing essential raw materials like cocoa, palm oil, eggs, and grain.  

Fazer wants to purchase grain and grain products grown with consideration to the best practices from an environmental point of view. Fazer’s vision is to minimise, for its part, the nutrient load of the water system caused by the production of arable crops in our home market area. Fazer wants to increase the use of sustainable production methods in cooperation with the farmers.