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Climate actions


As one of the Nordic’s major food companies, we at Fazer want to do good for the planet and the people around us. We believe that climate change is not only a very real threat, but also that we must all take action to help prevent it damaging our delicate planet any further. We also believe that our efforts will make a difference.

To prevent climate change, we will be increasing our use of renewable energy sources and reducing the CO2 emissions of our bakeries and factories while continuously measuring our energy, water use, and food waste.

Cutting food waste is one of the most effective ways to reduce food’s climate impact. According to the United Nations, almost one third of all food produced or grown is thrown away, so the effect of food waste on the climate, waters, land, and biodiversity is tremendous.

We will also continue to look for new ways to use our production’s side streams of raw materials, wastewater, excess energy, and chemicals that would otherwise go to waste. As remarkable share of global greenhouse gas emissions originates from agriculture, we are developing our plant-based products and increasing their share in our product portfolio. These measures help reduce emissions.