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Fazer promotes responsible forestry


Fazer is committed to stopping deforestation and promoting responsible forestry.

Our sustainability policies align with our mission: Food with a purpose. We want to do good for people and the planet. We have defined a specific target to do just that: to have only sustainably sourced materials and services by 2030.

We must stop deforestation

Forests serve as habitats for animal and plant species and play a key role in providing water and preventing flooding and erosion. Forests also have a notable role in storing carbon.

Deforestation is the permanent conversion of forests and woodlands to other uses such as crops, roads, settlements, mining, or grazing land. Deforestation and the conversion of ecosystems are major causes of climate change and species extinction. Deforestation threatens people’s livelihoods that rely on forests for food and economic activity.

We ensure that our actions will not contribute to deforestation.

The supply chains of cocoa, palm oil, soy, and fibre-based packaging materials can cause deforestation. We ensure that our actions will not contribute to deforestation. 

Fazer has sustainability commitments for raw materials that may contribute to deforestation. Our Supplier Code of Conduct requires actions from our suppliers to work against deforestation. Promoting responsible forestry is also at the core of the certification programmes we use to source cocoa and palm oil. 


100% of the cocoa we use comes from responsible sources. We source traceable cocoa through farmer programmes in Ecuador, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. Cocoa sourced through the three farmer programs can be traced back to the farm level. Cocoa is also sourced through Cocoa Horizons program.

In fact, to prevent deforestation, the farms have been GPS-mapped to ensure they are not located in rainforests or buffer zones. The remaining cocoa we source is UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, or Fairtrade Cocoa Programme certified cocoa. 

Palm oil, soy, and fibre-based packaging materials    

All palm oil used by Fazer is certified sustainable palm oil. We pledge only to use sustainable palm oil certified by Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Our ambition is to use only Segregated palm oil.  

Furthermore, Fazer is committed to using only sustainable certified soy, and Fazer’s commitment to certified soy covers all Fazer’s businesses. All soy used in the value chain will meet the requirements set by the Roundtable on Responsible Soy or ProTerra. 

We will continue to observe other raw materials for their possible contribution to deforestation and act accordingly. Fibre-based packaging materials are, for example, seen as possibly contributing to deforestation. Therefore, we are preparing measures to address the issue.