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Environmental management


Environmental management concerns the impact human beings have on the environment around them: the air, water, forests, and soil. Essentially, anything from nature that humans use falls under the environmental management category.

At Fazer, we take environmental management seriously. We have many different systems in place to ensure that what we do falls in line with our promise to make our business more sustainable.  

We support a circular economy and are making strides towards ensuring our business operates in such a fashion. For instance, Fazer’s new xylitol factory is using oat hulls, a side stream of the company’s production process, as a raw material in producing xylitol. This is just one demonstration of the circular economy’s potential on an industrial scale. 

Another big aspect of environmental management is preventing food waste. This is a key focus area for Fazer. Fazer’s goal is to decrease food waste significantly by 2030. Fazer has business-specific plans to reduce losses and waste. The plans outline several targets to prevent waste and material loss by 2030 with an ambition to move the business in a direction that supports a circular economy. 

These are just two examples. On these pages, you will find more information about our environmental management strategy and the exciting new developments we have planned for the future.