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Fazer's Water Stewardship Commitment


The Finnish water stewardship commitment challenges companies to assess water risks in their value chains and collectively develop governance for sustainable water use. And Fazer is the first Finnish food industry company to make a water stewardship commitment.
We are dependent on nature and water.

We operate in eight countries and source ingredients raw materials from all over the world. We are dependent on nature and water. Our actions impact the quality of drinking and wastewater where we operate and have an indirect impact through the whole chain. In line with our commitment, we will take all the measures necessary to ensure sustainable water use. 

To address these problems, we will:  

  • Improve the water consumption measurement and define a target in our operational sites 
  • Implement of wastewater project and improve wastewater quality 
  • Develop environmental incident reporting and environmental incident preparedness 
  • Set targets for using water risk tools in sites 

Measures related to the value chain: 

  • Implement Grain Vision and adopt the sustainable grain farming principles 
  • Initiate and emphasise water risks in supplier dialogues.  
  • Set water-related requirements in supplier requirements. 
  • Investigate risk mitigation in key supply chains and critical commodities. 
  • Participate in the stakeholder dialogue on water-related topics 

Aalto University, the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry of the Environment, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and WWF Finland established the Finnish water stewardship commitment as a part of the broader social pledge to sustainable development in support of the sustainability work related to water by companies.