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Grain vision and the Cocoa vision


With the increasing need to act on climate change and environmental issues such as biodiversity loss, we continue to innovate sustainable solutions that support the well-being of people and the planet. We want to act sustainably throughout the supply chain and minimize the negative environmental impacts of our operations.

As one of the largest grain buyers in the Baltic Sea region and a major consumer of mill grains, sustainable grain farming is an important part of Fazer’s sustainability work. Fazer’s Sustainable Grain Farming Principles serve as a basis for active sustainability cooperation with farmers. The principles aim to minimise eutrophication and the use of chemicals while supporting resource efficiency and productivity.

As for cocoa, we have farmer programmes in Ecuador, Ivory Coast and Nigeria. Back in 2017, the original idea of these programmes was to make our cocoa sourcing 100% traceable back to the individual farm. That vision is now becoming a reality. Traceability is only one aspect of the farmer programmes; it also enables us to start our collaboration with individual farmers. The programmes let us help farmers grow better crops and ensure the best possible income for growers. Additionally, our farmer programmes also support farmers and their communities in various other ways. For instance, by funding infrastructure, fighting child labour, and providing people with access to schools and hospitals.

In our view, these and other such programmes and measures are all part of building a sustainable future for people, the planet, and profits. Read more on Fazer's sustainable sourcing