Our sustainability work is structured carefully both internally and externally. In our activities, we follow guidelines and policies based on the latest international principles.

Our continuous sustainability work is managed by the sustainability team and sustainability and QEHS network and steered by the Sustainability Leadership Forum. Each of these functions has a clearly defined role and specific responsibilities. The highest authority in sustainability matters lies with our Board of Directors and Fazer Leadership Team. 

In our efforts, we are guided by our Sustainability Policy, Human Rights Policy, QEHS Policy, governance practices and procedures. Fazer’s ethical principles are based on the ten international principles of the UN Global Compact, which we signed in 2012. We are also strongly committed to supporting the implementation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and have defined the ways in which our sustainability work contributes to them. 

Board of Directors

Approves ethical principles

Fazer Leadership Team

Approves policies and objectives
Group President bears the ultimate responsibility
Group EVP, Communications and Sustainability is responsible for sustainability

Head of Function

Approves instructions

Business Areas and Business Units

Implement sustainability approach and action plans as well as strategic outlines, and set targets and objectives
Set sustainability focus areas
Implement instructions, practices and operating models

Sustainability Team

Develops sustainability approach, supports its implementation and reports on its progress

Sustainability Leadership Forum

Ensures alignment within the Group: drafts Group-level strategies, policies, guidelines, targets and positions
Assesses, monitors and develops sustainability topics within the Group
Ensures the agreed actions are implemented  
Escalates and prepares issues for the right decision forums

Sustainability and QEHS Network

Ensures sustainability alignment within the Group  
Ensures the effective use of resources  
Shares knowledge, know-how and market views in different countries and businesses