We operate responsibly and create fair business opportunities throughout the chain we are part of.

Fair value chain is one of the five strategic areas of Fazer’s corporate responsibility programme. We aim for continuous improvement in sourcing our raw materials, placing an emphasis on quality, safety, responsibility and traceability.

In the area or Fair value chain, Fazer’s key topics are:

  • Food safety
  • Quality
  • Traceability
  • Origin
  • Raw materials
  • Supplier co-operation

Whether raw materials are domestically produced or must be sourced from elsewhere in the world, Fazer takes responsibility for ensuring the health and safety of consumers by ascertaining the security of its sources.

For Fazer’s businesses to be successful, it is vital that we provide consumers with products and services they can trust. Therefore, food safety is extremely important in our sourcing activities and throughout our supply chain. In addition, we focus on assessing the impact of our sustainability work, for example, in our sourcing of cocoa and other raw materials whose supply may be associated with higher risks. We aim to thoroughly examine and address the impacts related to our activities in the communities where we operate.

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