Ethical principles guide us in our daily work. 

In 2007, we published the Group’s ethical principles which are based on Fazer Group’s values and the UN Global Compact, which aims to promote corporate sustainable development and good corporate citizenship. The ethical principles guide our work in all the business areas and countries of operation.

Fazer's ethical principles include the following areas: 

Obeying the law

  • Fazer follows legislation and rules.

Human rights and employees

  • Fazer treats all employees in a fair and equal manner in accordance with internationally proclaimed human rights. (UNGC 1)
  • Fazer does not accept child labour, forced or compulsory labour, or other human right abuses. (UNGC 2,4,5)
  • Fazer respects freedom of association and employees’ rights to collective bargaining. (UNGC3)
  • Fazer respects the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of individuals and does not accept any discrimination, intimidation, harassment or offense. (UNGC6)
  • Fazer ensures that its employees work in a safe environment.
  • Fazer conducts regular employee surveys and development discussions.


  • Fazer is committed to continuously improving its products, operations and production facilities to reduce negative impacts on the environment and to optimize the resource consumption (UNGC 7,8,9)

Anticorruption and business integrity

  • Fazer or its employees may not give or receive any direct or indirect bribes or other benefits that could be regarded as bribes or corruption (UNGC10)
  • Fazer books and documents shall be accurate and describe the true and fair view of events.

Compliance with competition laws

  • Fazer promotes fair business practices and does not engage in any illegal or restrictive trade practices.

Business confidentiality

  • Fazer and its employees respect the confidential nature of business information.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Fazer and its employees acknowledge that Fazer’s trademarks and other intellectual property rights form a substantial part of Fazer’s assets and are committed to respect the intellectual property rights of others as well.


  • Fazer requests its business partners throughout the whole value chain to comply with these principles.
  • Fazer treats its suppliers and partners in a fair and equal manner.

Customers and consumers

  • Fazer treats its customers and consumers in a fair and equal manner.
  • Fazer sells and markets its products in an ethical and non-harassing manner.
  • Fazer is committed to developing new products and services to meet current and changing customer and consumer demands.
  • Fazer is committed to promote and secure food and product safety.

Conflicts of interest

  • Fazer employees are expected to avoid situations which conflict or could be perceived as conflicting his/her personal and business interests.
  • Fazer employees are not to utilize their position or information received due to their position at Fazer or assets belonging to Fazer to gain unfair personal benefit.

Representing Fazer

  • All Fazer employees are expected to represent the company, its activities and operations in an accurate manner, in all stakeholder relationships.


  • Fazer co-operates with decision makers and other organisations, both directly and through bodies such as trade associations, in the development of proposed legislation and other regulations which may affect legitimate business interests.
  • Fazer promotes openness and transparency, as well as a continuous dialogue with its stakeholders.


  • All Fazer employees are responsible for following these principles in their daily work.
  • Managers are responsible for informing subordinates about these principles and giving guidance for compliance.
  • In case of non-compliance with these principles an employee or a third party can anonymously contact the Group CEO, Group Legal or Risk Management or use the helpline system without risk of retaliation or other negative consequences.
  • Non-compliance will be duly examined and proper actions taken.