Health & Well-being is included as a key focus area in Fazer’s corporate responsibility programme. Fazer aims to promote balance and all aspects of well-being related to food.

Food promotes well-being in many ways. We at Fazer believe that balance brings well-being. We also understand that individuals look for various means to fulfil their needs at different times. Depending on the occasion, they may wish to take a break, indulge themselves or share food with others. At the same time, consumers are increasingly interested in health, and thus demand clear nutritional information on their food. In addition, more and more people seek out sustainable products and services as well as those that are in harmony with their values.

Fazer aims to provide consumers with a variety of alternatives and opportunities to make balanced choices.

Promoting balance and variety

Fazer’s mission is to create taste sensations. This refers to our commitment to offer delicious experiences and be part of the best moments of the consumer’s day. For this reason, one of the key tasks of our product development work is to create products and services that bring enjoyment for all the senses, be it porridge, bread, lunch, or confectionery.

At the same time, Fazer strives to help consumers find a balanced and varied diet. To support this effort, we follow the national and Nordic nutritional recommendations and regulations in developing our products and services. Our sourcing activities focus on procuring ingredients that are safe and traceable. Together with our suppliers, we seek to guarantee the high level of quality and reliability of our ingredients. We are also continuously improving the traceability of the delivery chain of our ingredients.

We see it as our duty to develop our marketing practices and communicate in a responsible and transparent manner about our products, services and brands. Our marketing policy guides our marketing activities, following the framework guidelines set by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) for Responsible Food and Beverage Marketing communication, as well as marketing communications principles issued by local self-regulatory organisations.

Collaboration and transparent communication

We at Fazer have an ambition to become a frontrunner in the discussion about health and well-being. In order to achieve this position, we continuously develop our expertise in health and nutrition. The Fazer Group Research team, which manages Fazer’s research network and the Group’s research programmes, maintains on-going partnerships with research institutes and healthcare professionals to study topics that are relevant to our offering.

Furthermore, we communicate openly with our stakeholders on nutrition and other related issues, continuously focusing on improving the transparency and availability of information on our products and services.

One aspect in our communications on health and well-being concerns proper food portioning. Obesity and healthy sugar intake are widespread public health concerns. By promoting correct portion sizes in Fazer’s restaurants, we are also able to reduce the amount of wasted food.

Packaging is an important means for Fazer to communicate with consumers about health-related aspects. Work is currently on-going to ensure that the packaging of Fazer confectionery clearly indicates whether the products are for individual consumption or for sharing. 

Another current initiative of Fazer Food Services is that of increasing the proportion of vegetables on guests’ plates. As part of this effort, Fazer Food Services is working to help consumers understand that eating more vegetables instead of meat positively impacts their health as well as the environment.

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