We have compiled background information about the most important raw materials of chocolate and pralines, as well as general information about the sourcing of raw materials at Fazer. You can always enjoy Fazer products and give them as gifts with a clear conscience.

Fazer has carried out a survey on Finnish Christmas and Christmas delicacies. According to the results, the peace and atmosphere of Christmas are important to Finns, as are traditions and spending time together with loved ones. For as many as 71 per cent of the respondents, it was important that Christmas remains unchanged and that certain traditions are retained. For many people, Christmas means a licence to indulge. While a variety of treats and delicacies are associated with Christmas, chocolate and sweets play a special role in the Christmas celebrations of Finnish people. According to the survey results, 80 per cent of Finns buy these as gifts or to be enjoyed at home.


Fazer manufactures chocolate from processed cocoa products: cocoa mass, cocoa butter and cocoa powder. A quarter of the cocoa we buy comes from Ecuador and three quarters from West Africa. The cocoa is processed either in Europe or in its country of origin. Ecuadorian cocoa mass, for example, is the most important factor contributing to the taste of Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate.

We only use responsibly produced cocoa. Our responsible cocoa sourcing consists of certified (UTZ/Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade Cocoa Programme) cocoa and cocoa purchased through farming communities. Our products do not have a certification marking, as we do not want to choose one system over the others.

In addition to sourcing certified cocoa, we purchase sustainable cocoa from farmers covered by our grower programmes in Nigeria and Ivory Coast. In these countries, we directly support more than 6,000 farmers. According to estimates, up to 80 per cent of the world’s cocoa farmers are not covered by any certification system. We want to develop responsible cocoa farming with these farmers as well, to ensure the availability of cocoa in the future. Key elements of our grower programmes include training, monitoring to prevent the use of child labour, farmer premiums, supporting farmer communities through various projects, sustainability requirements, monitoring, tertiary reporting and auditing (including third-party audits), as well as traceability all the way back to the farmer or farm.

Almonds and nuts

Almonds and nuts are used in pralines. Due to their low availability, we are not currently able to use certified nuts. The nuts we use come from Turkey and the almonds from the United States.

Palm oil

Fazer uses naturally hardened vegetable fats because of their technical qualities. To obtain the correct structure, hardened fat is needed in cookies and the filling of some sweets. Naturally hardened fats do not contain trans fats.

Fazer uses relatively little palm oil. We never use palm oil as a raw material for chocolate; we only use cocoa butter. The palm oil we use is part of a fat mixture that is used in, for example, the filling of our chocolate confectionery, to provide structure and the desired mouthfeel.

We use 95% segregated certified palm oil at Fazer Confectionary. The criteria for certified palm oil include environmental management plans for plantations and freedom of association for workers, as well as the conservation of valuable natural forests, among other aspects.

Fazer maintains ethical principles and standards in its own production and expects the same from its network of suppliers. Fazer ensures a sustainable supply chain, from the production of raw materials to finished products, by choosing its suppliers carefully and evaluating each new supplier in accordance with the Group’s requirements for suppliers.

These requirements are related to both society and the environment, in addition to being part of framework agreements.