Biéby is a small cocoa-farming village in the world’s largest cocoa producer Ivory Coast. Fazer has supported the village and the community members since 2007.

The Ivorian village Biéby is located about 100 kilometres northeast from the port and business hub Abidjan. We support Biéby through the ECHOES (Empowering Cocoa Households with Educational Solutions) programme established by the World Cocoa Foundation. The programme aims to provide the youth in the farming community with vocational training in cocoa cultivation in connection with other school education. Traditionally, the skills of cocoa farming are passed from generation to generation while working, and many of the children who grow up on cocoa farms in the farming communities become cocoa farmers as adults.

Vocational training in connection with school education

Fazer has sponsored the Biéby village since 2007. During this time, in accordance with the teaching of the ECHOES programme:

  • 560 young people have received training in cocoa farming
  • 100,200 cocoa trees have been planted on 55 new cocoa farms
  • The Biéby Junior High School has been built and opened its doors to the children of the community.

First secondary school in Biéby

As part of the 90th anniversary of Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate in 2012, Fazer raised 139,000 euros to build the first and only secondary school in Biéby, Ivory Coast. The construction of the school began in the autumn of 2012 and in June 2013, a team of Fazer employees travelled to the Ivory Coast to attend the opening ceremony. Around 1,000 community members and representatives of Fazer, the Ivorian government, the World Cocoa Foundation, implementing partners and the school leadership took part in the opening ceremony of the Biéby Junior High School.

The school has four classrooms, five administrative rooms, two washrooms and four latrines. In addition, the project provided school benches, chairs, desks with drawers and filing cabinets. The school also has a small cocoa farm where the student have the possibility to learn sustainable cocoa farming and correct care of the trees. The secondary school will be part of the public school system of the country.

Empowering cocoa communities through education

The first secondary school in Biéby offers youth between the age of 12 and 16 the possibility to continue studying in their home village, which is a significant improvement to their chances of getting school education. In Biéby, many of the students completing primary school were forced to stay at home instead of continuing their studies as there were no secondary schools within a feasible distance from their homes.

The WCF ECHOES programme aims at improving access to education for the children, youth and young adults living in cocoa farming communities in Ivory Coast and Ghana. Being able to continue studying gives the community’s youth an opportunity to learn new skills for future careers, which can lead to higher income levels and better living standards.