We see universities and research institutes as very important stakeholders and collaborators for us. We share knowledge, offer thesis topics and job opportunities for students, give lectures and offer an exciting target for excursions. We have common partnerships and joint R&D projects also with other stakeholders, such as various ecosystems, scientific forums as well as ingredient and technology suppliers. These all play valuable roles in our R&D and innovation roadmaps.

Fazer carries out research and stakeholder collaboration in the sphere of food innovations and foodtech around themes such as oat technology, sourdough science, wholegrain research, sustainable protein, sugar replacement and salt reduction.

Fazer supports academic research in order to create shared value, substantiate the effects of our products, generate innovations and attract future employees. Fazer cooperates with universities and research institutes, such as Helsinki University, the University of Eastern Finland, Aalto University SLU Uppsala, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and many others. We have also assisted several students writing master’s theses on real-life cases.

We maintain ongoing partnerships and collaboration with these and other research institutions and start-ups to study topics we find relevant to our raw materials and offering.



Healthgrain Forum - promoting wholegrains

The Healthgrain Forum is an active network of universities, institutes and industries interested in grain and grain-based products. Its vision is that whole grain and high fibre grain-based foods assist consumers in health manteinance worldwide, help reduce health care costs and provide added value for companies in the production chain from farm to fork.
The practical outcome of the collaboration between academia and industry within Healthgrain Forum is a common definition of whole grains

Fazer’s experts contribute to the Healthgrain Forum through task force work and active participation in meetings and seminars.

Fazer Brainhow

In 2016, Fazer started a major research and business development programme called Fazer Brainhow that aims to create innovative solutions to maintain and improve brainpower and brain well-being at different stages of life. Food and nutrition together with sleep and physical and mental exercise are the central factors of cognitive performance and brain health.

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