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Materiality assessment


A materiality assessment is an analysis of the most important issues to an organisation and its stakeholders.

In 2021, we conducted a materiality analysis and gathered the views of hundreds of customers, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders.

In our stakeholders’ views, issues of human rights, employee well-being, and social responsibility merits greater attention. In acknowledgement, we decided to update our sustainability strategy.

Social responsibility, which has long been an important part of Fazer’s sustainability agenda, is now given a greater prominence and our new Sustainability Ambitions will also expand our focus on people.

To reflect the materiality assessment, we reorganised our four Core goals for sustainability into four focus areas and renamed them our Sustainability Ambitions. We hold that we can best create value in line with our mission Food with a purpose, by aiming our sustainability efforts towards:


  • Climate and circularity  

We mitigate climate change ​and optimise our use of resources through circularity.  

  • Sustainable products and innovations 

We innovate for a more sustainable food system. 

  • Sustainable sourcing  

Our supply chain is fair and sustainable. 

  • People and well-being 

We provide opportunities for growth in a modern, safe, and inclusive culture.