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Stakeholder dialogue


We engage with our stakeholders partly to gain invaluable insights when we create new products but mostly to help solve today’s global challenges together with others.

In dialogue with our stakeholders—shareholders, employees, consumers, suppliers, decision-makers, scientists, and non-governmental organisations—we can identify and address the trends that shape consumer behaviour.  

Environmental concerns make, for instance, consumers increasingly demand sustainable solutions. Thus, we supply sustainable and healthy plant-based products, helping people to consume in ways that are better for the individual and the planet. We also provide information and resources to promote sustainability work in countries where we operate and beyond. 

No one can solve today’s global challenges single-handedly; they require cooperation between stakeholders. We take responsibility as part of a worldwide community and seek common solutions. 

We work together with various organisations to improve the well-being of humans and the planet. Together with our stakeholders and partners, we can make a greater impact. We have identified our most important stakeholder groups and outlined several ways to engage.  


Customer service, surveys, restaurant and café materials, websites, social media, packaging, visits 


Meetings and cooperation, newsletters, customer feedback systems, customer events, websites, social media 


Regular contact, meetings and events, Annual Review, Sustainability Review, quarterly reports, website, extranet 


Performance Management Process, continuous communication between managers and employees, induction, training, occupational health and safety management system, personnel events, personnel surveys, intranet and other internal channels, theme days, Sustainability Review 


Meetings, contracts, supplier requirements, supplier assessments, follow-up actions, partnerships, research, continuous collaboration between sourcing managers and suppliers 

NGOs and local communities 

Memberships, partnerships, joint projects and initiatives, websites, social media, questionnaires, Sustainability Review 

Universities and research institutes 

Partnerships, joint R&D projects, knowledge sharing, donations, thesis and job opportunities for students, lectures, excursions 

Healthcare professionals 

Knowledge sharing, events, lectures 


Media releases and events, interviews, websites, social media, visits 

Authorities and governments 

Regular contact, meetings, memberships, seminars, work groups