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Sustainability ambitions


Our Sustainability Ambitions address social megatrends most closely related to our industry.

More than ever, the food industry is changing rapidly. This transition is reinforcing consumer trends and shaping expectations. Now, for example, sustainability and responsibility have a greater bearing than ever on consumers’ purchasing decisions.

As an inherent aspect of our strategy, sustainability influences everything we do, starting from the way we manage our company and supply chains, develop new products, innovations and foodtech, to our marketing and branding activities.

In view of our materiality assessment, we decided to reorganise our four sustainability core goals and renamed them as our Sustainability Ambitions.


Climate and circularity

We mitigate climate change and optimise the use of resources through circularity 

We decrease emissions and are committed to limiting global warming to 1.5 ̊C.  

We reduce food loss and food waste.

We optimise the use of resources through circularity.

Sustainable products and innovations

We innovate for a more sustainable food system

We offer more plant-based products to support the well-being of people and the planet.

We innovate to create sustainable food solutions through foodtech, new product development and R&D opportunities.

We develop and use more sustainable packaging.

Sustainable sourcing

Our supply chain is fair and sustainable

We continuously develop the basic requirements for all our suppliers while paying extra attention to selected raw materials.

We support sustainable farming practices to protect biodiversity and minimise climate impact.

We support human rights and fair working conditions throughout our supply chain.

We minimise the environmental impact throughout our value chain.

People and well-being

We provide opportunities for growth in a modern, safe and inclusive culture

The health and safety of our people always comes first.

We promote engagement and well-being in a working environment where our people thrive.

Our working environment is diverse, inclusive, and everyone can be themselves.


What’s more, our Sustainability Ambitions support UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); through our services, operations, and supply chain, contribute to their achievement by 2030.

We believe that by achieving these ambitions, we can best create value according to our mission Food with a purpose.