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People and well-being


The three pillars of sustainability - people, planet, and business - are interwoven. To do good for the planet and business, we must also do good for people.

At Fazer, we recognise that the root cause of many unsustainable environmental and business practices is an unsustainable social reality. So, we always consider how we can make a positive difference for people. Thus we:

• Respect and advance human rights. And by doing so we are building a more sustainable future for all.

• Pursue a culture of diversity and inclusion where all employees can experience a community of equals working at a motivating, respectful, and safe workplace.

• Offer an encouraging and safe work environment that allows development on both the company and individual level.

• Support SOS Children’s Villages to aid children and families. Donate bread, porridge, snacks, and confectioneries to those in need. This way, we do our part to create the socially viable societies we want to live and do business in.

• Sponsor causes such as the preservation of the indispensable ecosystems on which human survival depends.

• Help farmers, with our farmer programmes, to make more money by adopting sustainable farming practices, end child labour, invest in infrastructure, and access to healthcare and education.