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Our responsibility to respect equal human rights


We believe that by respecting and advancing human rights we are building a more sustainable future for all. In our work with human rights, we are guided by our ethical principles, and Code of Conduct, Supplier Code of Conduct, Human Rights Policy, and Sustainability Policy. As a member of the UN Global Compact, we follow the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

The three pillars of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights are: protect, respect, and remedy. We will work proactively to prevent human rights violations and make amends for any rights we may have wronged.

What is Fazer’s corporate responsibility?

States shall protect citizens against human rights violations and abuses committed by third parties, including businesses. We expect governments in the countries we operate to use policies, legislation, regulation, and adjudication to prevent, investigate, punish, and redress any wrongs.

However, businesses have a duty to respect human rights as well. Companies need to make risk assesments in human rights perspective and address adverse human rights impacts that may arise from its operations and value chain. People who are affected shall access remedies. Businesses and states both have a role in ensuring access to remedy when negative impacts occur.

A business’s responsibility to respect human rights extends to its operations, including various partnerships and relationships with public and private entities in its value chain, such as suppliers, labour contractors, distributors, customers and consumers.

How do we enforce human rights at Fazer?

How is a business expected to “respect” and “remedy” human rights? Here is how we do it at Fazer.

We have a human rights policy, and we are committed to respect human rights and incorporate the principles into our company culture. To accomplish this, we have published Fazer Group's Code of Conduct, that includes requirements to respect human rights. Furthermore, we adopt and enact policies to guide our human rights work besides the existing Code of Conduct and Human Rights Policy. We expect all our business partners in our supply chain to respect and protect human rights as defined in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Moreover, we train management and key personnel on human rights. We will ensure that our Governance structure and management systems are aligned with human rights principles throughout the company. 

During spring 2022 we will conduct human rights risk assessment. As a result, we will identify potential human rights impacts, act on the findings, track the company’s performance in preventing and mitigating effects, and communicate our efforts. We assess risks in our supply chain (for example, in risk countries and concerning raw materials). Also, we audit our suppliers. In Cocoa supply chain we have done comprehensive audit that stretches all the way to producer level. The work with human rights due diligence will continue over years to come.

We now have a whistleblowing system, and we continuously aim to improve our communication to be more systematic and transparent. We collaborate with relevant non-governmental organisations.

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