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Occupational health and safety


The safety of our personnel is a top priority.

Occupational health and safety come first. So, in line with our quality, food safety, environment and occupational health and safety (QEHS) policies, we:

  • Ensure a safe and healthy work conditions for our employees and for everyone working for or with us to prevent and avoid accidents, occupational diseases and physical and mental health drawbacks.
  • Develop a safety culture that is present and visible in our working environment.
  • Work on preventing accidents and incidents by systematic hazard identification and risk assessments to minimise or eliminate risks while improving our performance.


In 2021, our LTAF (lost time accident frequency) was 5.0, which means that we did not reach our target of 4.2. A total of 11,783 safety observations were made, which is an increase of 16% compared to previous year. In order to reach the zero-accident target, it is necessary to improve the safety of our working environment and ways of working. This will require systematic daily work and the engagement of all our employees over the long term.