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Our inclusion and diversity policies


We believe that being inclusive and diverse helps us become a modern sustainable food company. Thus, we aim to create an inclusive working environment where everyone can be themselves.

One of our corporate values ​​is Northern Liberty, the freedom to choose and be ourselves. It is a freedom that welcomes diversity and appreciates differences.

As an inclusive employer, Fazer offers an inviting and curious workplace where everyone can feel at home. Everyone should feel comfortable to freely share their thoughts and feelings, and to speak up.

To best understand our diverse consumers, Fazer’s employees should represent them and their varied perspectives.

Openness, diversity, and inclusion are crucial to Fazer’s continued success. That is, for example, why we will introduce gender-neutral titles to reduce bias. We also train managers and recruiters to be more gender neutral and openminded.

We believe that the overall result of such commitments is a diverse and inclusive, and thereby, more successful Fazer.


Employees by gender in 2021. 


Employees by age in 2021.