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SOS Children's Villages


For more than fifty years, Fazer has supported SOS Children’s Villages. Our cooperation is a concrete expression of our shared desire to make the world socially sustainable for people.

Our mission, Food with a purpose, is what drives us to bring a little bit of extra joy, well-being, and love to people. Hence our support of SOS Children’s Village, an organisation dedicated to children’s right to grow up in safety.

One in ten children grow up in unsafe conditions. In Finland, there are about 19,000 children who cannot live safely with their parents.

Fazer’s contributes funding to SOS Children’s Villages general efforts, early preventive support work, as well as needs-based service journeys for disadvantaged children, young people, and families.

In Finland, our aid has gone to developing family therapy rehabilitation and building children’s villages in Vuores, Tampere; Niittykumpu in Espoo; and, Kivistö in Vantaa. 

SOS Children’s Villages also improve local foster family services to increase the well-being of children and families. The support of the community forms a strong foundation for the operations. 

The work of SOS Children’s Villages is meant to defend children’s rights, ensure their inclusion, and sustainable future. Therefore, they offer, for example, the following services in Finland:

  • Unelmista totta (“Dreams come true”) is preventive work that improves a child’s self-esteem through a hobby and moments of joy and success.
  • The Lähellä (“Near”) project aims to prevent loneliness and exclusion.
  • Mummun ja vaarin tupa (“Grandma and grandad’s house”) in Vantaa and Espoo, volunteer step-grandparents and families with children can meet.
  • Ylitse MentorApp offers peer support for young people who are learning to become independent. 

Fazer has traditionally taken responsibility for the well-being of local communities. Through the partnership, we want to support SOS Children’s Village’s work in creating a safe family environment for children and young people.