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Two Rowing Finns - how Fazer fuelled an Atlantic crossing


In December of 2021, the Two Rowing Finns team started its journey across the Atlantic Ocean with the aim of raising €100,000 for charities benefitting the health of the Baltic Sea. Almost 42 days later the team passed the finishing line as winners of the pairs race class.

The two seasoned Finnish oarsmen, John Blässar and Markus Mustelin, faced quite a challenge in December of 2021: they took turns rowing in two-hour shifts around the clock for 40–50 days, racking up a total of 4,800 kilometres. Fazer sponsored the pair’s ambitious goal to raise 100,000 for charities benefitting the Baltic Sea by rowing across the Atlantic. 

By completing their ambitious journey, John and Markus became the two first Finns to cross the Atlantic by rowing. The winners of the pairs race class used less than 42 days to finish the journey of 5,148 kilometers. 

One of the most important factors in succeeding in a rowing competition of this magnitude is an optimal nutrition programme to ensure the rowers receive sufficient energy, as one rower’s total energy need is 5,000–6,000 calories a day. The pair was assisted by Fazer’s product development and nutritional specialist. 
“The objective was to build a varied programme with great-tasting nutrition to support the rowers’ performance. We guided them in planning their nutrition programme, and they’ve even had a hand in the development of new products. The race’s challenging conditions provided a unique way for us to test new products that are both high in energy density and convenience, as there was not a lot of room on the boat,” says Marika Laaksonen, Lead in Health at Fazer Lab. 

The rowing pair raised over 100,000 euros for Baltic Sea charities 

Fazer enjoyed sponsoring the Two Rowing Finns team, and it provided a fun and engaging way to reduce the environmental impacts on the Baltic Sea region through its Baltic Sea Commitment and the Carbon Action project. Supporting the Two Rowing Finns team is well aligned with the sustainability strategy. 

“We wanted to draw attention to the serious situation of the Baltic Sea in cooperation with Fazer and other cooperation partners,” John and Markus of the Two Rowing Finns team said.