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Responsible marketing


We believe it is our duty to market our products, services, and brands in a responsible and transparent manner.

Our marketing policy follows the guidelines set by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) for Responsible Food and Beverage Marketing communication, as well as marketing communications principles issued by local self-regulatory organisations.

In practice, this means Fazer will comply with the principles outlined in our Fazer Group marketing policy document. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Advertising must be truthful and shall not include misleading facts or statements.
  • Marketing is clearly distinguishable as such regardless the form or medium used.
  • Nutrition and health benefit claims must have a sound scientific basis.

Furthermore, Fazer does not direct marketing activities to children under the age of 15. All marketing directed to young people aged between 15-18 years are also subject to the following principles:

  • Marketing must not exploit the inexperience or credulity of young people.
  • Parents (and other legal guardians) role must not be undermined.
  • Marketing must not mislead children or young people about the potential health benefits or other benefits, such as popularity or sports success, from the consumption of the advertised product.