In 2015, Fazer made a Christmas donation of EUR 50,000 to a charity chosen by the personnel. Employees were allowed to vote for their favourite among Fazer’s partner organisations.

Cooperation with the SOS Children’s Village is also important for Fazer’s personnel. The 2015 Christmas donation was used for family work in Vantaa at the request of Fazer employees: with the help of the donation, the SOS Children’s Village was able to hire a family worker for a year to work with families with children in need in Vantaa. 
The work input of one family worker could help about five families in need. Solutions to help were based on the needs of families. Every child is an individual, so the needs of each child and family are also individual. The SOS Children’s Village worked closely with the City of Vantaa’s social services, through which families in need of help were identified. The goal was to support families and prevent the need for custody. Preventive forms of support include family rehabilitation, support families, support for schooling and camp activities.  

Help for families through cooperation 
In addition to preventive family work and many early help services, the SOS Children’s Village offers foster homes in children’s villages across the country. About 300 children and young people who cannot live safely with their parents are growing up in the foster families and orphanages of the SOS Children’s Village. Fazer has supported the operations of the SOS Children’s Village since the 1960s, and since 2010, it has been the SOS Children’s Village’s main partner. For example, children’s villages in Tampere, Niittykumpu in Espoo and Kivistö in Vantaa have been built with the support of Fazer.