Sponsors participate in changing the lives of children who have lost parental care. SOS Children’s Villages provide stable and consistent grown-ups for the children. Children live in SOS families in which they grow up with sisters and brothers. The families are supported by the surrounding community. Satu, a Fazer employee, started to sponsor a girl from Zambia called Dorothy. Sponsoring a child is rewarding even when you live far away.

"I got the idea of sponsoring a child when I had the chance to visit the SOS Children’s Village in Espoo. I realised how important the work is that SOS Children’s Villages do and definitely wanted to contribute to supporting that work. It was easy to become a sponsor through the SOS Children’s Villages web site.

In the summer of 2010, we received a letter that delighted our entire family. We had been assigned a sponsor child in Zambia! The envelope contained a note from the sponsor contact in Finland as well as information about our sponsor child, her background, village and the country where she is living. We were most pleased to receive a photo of this sweet seven-year-old girl, Dorothy.

Dorothy is a real godchild to us. We think of presents for her birthdays and Christmas with my 14-year-old daughter Helmi. This year, we sent her a package with art and craft supplies and Christmas greeting already in November. The relationship works both ways. Twice a year, we get mail from the SOS Children’s Village in Lusaka. The letter in the summer shares information about the development of the sponsor child and news from her village. The letter at the end of the year has a photo of the child and, often, also a card which Dorothy has made with her own hands. I think the most wonderful one came two years ago on Christmas. The card said in a child’s delicate handwriting:”Mrs Rasanen, I love you”.

In addition to the 25-euro monthly fee, we donate 25 euros twice a year to Dorothy’s special account. These funds will be placed on her own account and they will be her “start-up money” once she moves from the Children’s Village to a home of her own.

Being a sponsor is nice. In addition to getting this sweet child into our lives, we have learnt about the operation of the SOS Children’s Village in Lusaka and we have heard how the other children are doing. Zambia as a country has begun to interest us in a very different way. Who knows, maybe one year we will go to Lusaka on holiday!”