Fazer is a main partner of The Lake Vesijärvi Foundation. It is a unique Finnish initiative that combines public and private resources to secure funding for research, maintenance, and management efforts focusing on Lake Vesijärvi and its catchment area.

The objective is to have clear and clean water, a rich variety of fish species, and large populations of fish that are good for recreational fishing. Having enough water plants in the right places as well as beaches that are good for swimming are also among our goals.

The management programme also includes studies to provide guidelines for further actions; monitoring of the lake’s condition and nutrient loads; and extensive communication efforts such as exhibitions, newsletters, and extension of education and information efforts to children and teenagers.

Fazer is one of the biggest employees in Lake Vesijärvi region with our  restaurants, bakery and mill at the City of Lahti. Our support is used to create wetlands and sedimentation ponds.